Are America’s Schools Still Segreg​ated? – with Dennis Parker of the ACLU


The ACLU‘s Director the Racial Justice Program, Dennis Parker, reflects with host Vikrum Aiyer, on the 64th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, the progress we’ve made in racial inclusion, and the setbacks we confront… Guest bio: Dennis Parker (@DennisDParker) is director of… Continue Reading

Kneeling with the NFL – with Michel Faulkner, NFL Alumni Association NY Chapter President

kneel NFL

Head of the NFL Alumni Association’s New York Chapter, and former NY Jets footballer, Michel Faulkner, debates the NFL’s decision penalizing players who kneel during the national anthem to protest policy brutality and racial inequities… Staking a position that defends… Continue Reading

018 – The American Identity – Live from SXSW


Who is American Enough under this Administration? The Deputy Director of the ACLU, the actor & co-producer of the Netflix-distributed documentary “Meet the Patels”, and the nation’s youngest & openly gay mayor to be shortlisted as a presidential contender, all… Continue Reading