July 25, 2017 – On Trump, Boy Scouts, Health Care, America Leadership

President Trump and the Boy Scouts, the Health Care vote, and American leadership…

As he travels, Vikrum Aiyer makes time to reflect on President Trump’s polarizing speech to the Boy Scouts, the  story-in-the-making vote on Health Care, and considerations for effective leadership in the United States.

June 15, 2017 – On the Shooting at the GOP Baseball Practice

Why President Trump’s response to the shooting at the GOP baseball practice mattered as an example of how unity must be beyond the moment of tragedy…

While en route to a meeting, Vikrum Aiyer comments on how division fuels conflict,  how Americans stand well shoulder to shoulder in times of tragedy but must do great in the moments in between those difficult events, and how we must be better together.


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There’s a lot going on in America (and the world) and Vikrum Aiyer — Former White House Senior Economic Policy Advisor (Obama Administration) and Former Chief of Staff of the United States Patent and Trademark Office — has something to say about it all and about what it takes these days to be American enough.

This summer, MouthMedia™ Network will launch “American Enough™ with Vikrum Aiyer”, a weekly, town hall-style podcast discussing your questions and comments about current events, politics, and American ideals. As events unfold, Vikrum will share timely commentary wherever he is, as he travels, between meetings, and even en route to the office. If political commentary, having your say, and America matter to you — you’re going to love this podcast.