(Golden Globes Special): Is Hollywood Shifting from Commercial Impact to Social Impact?

The transforming of creative content in Hollywood…

In an era where entertainment increasingly mirrors the despair contained within our daily news cycle, one studio in Hollywood is doubling down on creative content that seeks to unite Americans with hope & inclusivity. Co-Founder of Wayfarer entertainment, Farhoud Meybodi, joins the pod to discuss how their brand of TV, Film, and Web-driven content can both speak to the issues of our time, while using art to galvanize change.


Co-Owner of Wayfarer Entertainment, Farhoud Meybodi is a Clio Award-winning director, and executive producer focused on premium storytelling content across scripted, unscripted, and branded distribution channels.

Unlike many creatives in the entertainment business, Farhoud started his career in law, and spent his mid-twenties climbing up the corporate ladder as a sales and marketing executive for a global luxury brand. This non-traditional background gave Farhoud a marketers mindset – something he draws upon frequently when helping brands, agencies, TV networks, studios and NGOs connect with audiences through the power of human connection and social impact. At his core, Farhoud is passionate about creative storytelling content that entertains, educates and inspires.

Mostly recently, Farhoud directed and executive produced Season Four of My Last Days, an award-winning documentary series about life told by courageous people living with a terminal illness, for the CW Network. He received a bronze Clio Award for directing and executive producing “Meet Anthony,” a season three episode of the show profiling renowned street photographer Anthony Carbajal, and his harrowing life experience with ALS. He developed, and executive produced Chefs Without Borders, a documentary series featuring celebrity Chef, Curtis Stone, and Actress/Model, Lindsay Price, as they journey from Los Angeles to Tanzania to live with, and learn from three Indigenous tribes, each representing a unique perspective on food insecurity. Farhoud also developed, executive produced and wrote Man Enough, a dinner conversation series featuring Scooter Braun, Anderson Silva, Justin Baldoni, Matt McGorry, Javier Munoz, Prince EA, Derek Hough, Tony Porter, Aydian Dowling and Jamey Heath that explores the heart of traditional masculinity in America. Farhoud created, developed and executive produced Project Upgrade, an unscripted series for Google featuring YouTube stars, The Merrell Twins, as they set out to design and build a new consumer product with the help of successful, female mentors from Google, Space X, NASA, and Disney.

Farhoud has also developed and directed national campaigns for Subaru, Kellogg’s, MetroPCS, and The Ad Council, and sold several scripted pitches to major studios and television networks.

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