Stopping Sexual Misconduct in Silicon Valley – with the co-founders of #MOVINGFORWARD

A year of momentum for movements like #MovingForward…

If 2017 was the year of revelations that roiled the entertainment, news, and tech industry by way of sexual misconduct & workplace harassment coming to light, 2018 has been a year of momentum for movements like #MovingForward. But the technology community, especially with its inherent power imbalance between startup founders and wealthy financiers, has faced a set of unique problems that plague how young innovative companies get off the ground. The Co-Founders of the #MovingForward project detail how their approach to transparent accountability among Venture Capitalists is putting sexual harassers in their place, and build a new ethos for the Silicon Valley.

Cheryl Sew Hoy is a Startup Founder, Advisor, Angel Investor and Board Member, and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was listed in TIME’S “2017 Person of the Year,”as one of the 61 women featured in the magazine’s “Silence Breakers.” “Silence Breakers” are the women who’ve spoken out against sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace. On March 8, 2018, she launched #MovingForward, which is an open-source directory to highlight VC’s anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies and reporting contacts. As of July 2018, 100+ VC firms have committed as full participants.
Ginny Fahs is a software engineer and writer committed to making technology’s next chapter more human and inclusive. She lives in San Francisco, where she works as a backend engineer at Uber Eats. Outside of work, Ginny co-founded #MovingForward, rallying 100+ VC firms to share their external discrimination and harassment policies and reporting contacts in the first open-source directory of its kind.

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