017 – The Rise of Women Does Not Need to Be at the Expense of Men – with Rachel Payne

When a successful entrepreneur steps into the political arena to reclaim American decency…

What do Orange County, comedian Chelsea Handler, and Emily’s List all have in common? They are tectonic forces that are powering Rachel Payne‘s campaign in California’s 48th congressional district. Traditionally a Republican stronghold, Payne — a former philanthropist and entrepreneur — tells us why she is stepping out of private life and leaning into public life to reclaim American decency, stand up for Unions while advancing Tech, and put out a Congressman who has been tied to the Russian Government.

Rachel Payne has built an exceptional career as a technology executive and entrepreneur, while actively involved in philanthropic activities. A recognized thought leader in the advancement of technology to reshape our world, she champions policies that make a meaningful place for everyone in the new economy. Payne was born in San Bernardino, California and grew up in a working-class family. When her family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, her father became a union operating engineer. After her parents were divorced, Payne’s mother worked multiple jobs to support her family as a single mom of three children.

Payne won numerous scholarships, worked several part-time jobs and took out loans to become the first person in her family to go to college. She has lead teams at eBay, helped Google stand up its first philanthropic arm, and has also helped bring lines of credit to the rural poor in other parts of the world.

There’s a lot going on in America (and the world) and Vikrum Aiyer — Former White House Senior Economic Policy Advisor (Obama Administration) and Former Chief of Staff of the United States Patent and Trademark Office — has something to say about it all and about what it takes these days to be American enough.

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