016 – Public Service and Scandals

What happens to faith in career civil servants and institutions when scandals hit public service?

It’s easy to lose faith in public officials, political appointees, and inner aides to any President when you see a drip and drab of headlines, gossip, and resignations. On the heels of Trump’s 34th senior departure (in Gary Cohn), host Vikrum Aiyer reflects on his own missteps as a political appointee, and describes how trust in public service and institutions should not be lost due to the tireless Career Civil Servants we never hear about in the headlines but still show up to work every day regardless of who’s  president.
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There’s a lot going on in America (and the world) and Vikrum Aiyer — Former White House Senior Economic Policy Advisor (Obama Administration) and Former Chief of Staff of the United States Patent and Trademark Office — has something to say about it all and about what it takes these days to be American enough.

“American Enough™ with Vikrum Aiyer”, is a weekly, town hall-style podcast discussing your questions and comments about current events, politics, and American ideals. As events unfold, Vikrum will share timely commentary wherever he is, as he travels, between meetings, and even en route to the office.

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