013 – The American Immigrant Experience – with Smithsonian Filmmaker Frank Chi

Bending the arc of social justice through story telling…

Frank ChiWhen statements of American values and principles get boiled down to bumper stickers, sound bytes, or 140-character quips, the moral clarity of what we stand for can quickly get lost. For film maker and media strategist Frank Chi, video content still remains the preeminent way we can learn about one another, share stories, bring art and design to animate discussion around some of the most vexing challenges of our generation. With work featured by the NY Times and Rolling Stone Magazine, his most recent film, produced with comedian Hassan Minaj and the Smithsonian Institution, Chi reflects upon the immigrant experience as told through the 1946 novel “America is in the Heart.” ​​Through the power of film, Chi reflects upon how story telling can bend the long arc of justice in the United States.


There’s a lot going on in America (and the world) and Vikrum Aiyer — Former White House Senior Economic Policy Advisor (Obama Administration) and Former Chief of Staff of the United States Patent and Trademark Office — has something to say about it all and about what it takes these days to be American enough.

“American Enough™ with Vikrum Aiyer”, is a weekly, town hall-style podcast discussing your questions and comments about current events, politics, and American ideals. As events unfold, Vikrum will share timely commentary wherever he is, as he travels, between meetings, and even en route to the office. If political commentary, having your say, and America matter to you — you’re going to love this podcast.

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