011 – The Risk to America’s Security Strength – with Ned Price

What happens when a spy for the CIA & national security advisor doesn’t like their boss — the President of the United States?

Ned PriceIn the case of Ned Price, he quit. Like many patriots who serve clandestine roles for our nation’s defense, military, and national security apparatus — Ned was trained to quarterback the play a coach called, regardless of party or politics. But within the first few months of this Administration, everything from our National Security Advisor resigning, to the fumbling of security clearances, to bombastic cuts to our diplomatic core started retooling the way America’s bravest intelligence officers were able to represent our values overseas.

Ned Price, now an NBC commentator and Fellow at the New America Foundation, breaks down the risk North Korea, Russia, and our president’s tweets have on the perception of America’s security strength overseas.


There’s a lot going on in America (and the world) and Vikrum Aiyer — Former White House Senior Economic Policy Advisor (Obama Administration) and Former Chief of Staff of the United States Patent and Trademark Office — has something to say about it all and about what it takes these days to be American enough.

“American Enough™ with Vikrum Aiyer”, is a weekly, town hall-style podcast discussing your questions and comments about current events, politics, and American ideals. As events unfold, Vikrum will share timely commentary wherever he is, as he travels, between meetings, and even en route to the office. If political commentary, having your say, and America matter to you — you’re going to love this podcast.

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