008 – Sexual Misconduct and a Crumbling Moral Compass – with Tim Miller

Sexual misconduct. Self-segregating communities. And a crumbling moral compass.

In these moments its easy to point to the other guy, blame them, or even mock them. But Tim Miller — a long time Republican Operative, Pod Save America contributor, and presidential campaign strategist — is taking a stand against his own party’s president, and in support of the values that have often defined the best of America’s spirit.

Tim Miller specializes in communications and digital strategy. He served as the Communications Director for Jeb Bush 2016, senior advisor to the GOP’s leading anti-Trump Super PAC “Our Principles,” and was co-founder of America Rising LLC and America Rising PAC. He also is a commentator for Pod Save America/CROOKED MEDIA.

Between campaigns, Miller was the lead digital communications strategist in the Public Affairs Division of the Glover Park Group advising corporate clients such as Eli Lilly and Sallie Mae. You can catch Tim frequently pontificating on politics on FOX, CNN, and MSNBC.

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